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1.1.9 (2024-02-22)


  • Support custom decoders/encoders.
  • Add embedded decoder for Msgpack.
  • Add embedded decoder for PHP(available only when php executable on the command line).
  • Add embedded decoder for Pickle(available only when python or python3 executable on the command line).
  • Add Unicode JSON viewing format.
  • Support connect with Unix Socket.
  • Support viewing and editing values of ReJSON types.
  • Add Windows ARM64 package.
  • Support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy for connections.


  • YAML and XML content support automatic format detection now.
  • Match tag in filter input support quick modify by double click.
  • Add more options for value editor(allow drag and drop text/open external link)

Simultaneously resolved the majority of known minor issues. Full changelog can be found here

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.